Family name: Leguminosae
Genus and Species: Medicago sativa
Common Name: Alfalfa, Lucerne
Description: Perennial with purple flowers
Growing Conditions: grows best in loamy soil and will tolerate clay but not sand, which lacks enough nutrients.
Propagation: grown from seed sown in spring or autumn
Parts used: aerial parts
Harvest: when the plant begins to flower I cut the plant back to about 3 inches; I also am able to harvest alfalfa about 4 times a season
Preparation: dry for teas and tinctures

Medicinal Uses:

This herb should not be used by people with autoimmune diseases.

Contains saponins which helps to reduce cholestrol. Contains 8 enzymes that aid digestion as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B2,B6,C, D, K and the minerals potassium, iron and calcium. I use alfalfa in teas alone, or in a combination with other herbs, in overnight infusions to extract the most vitamins and minerals and in herbal mineral vinegars.