Family name: Umbelliferae
Genus and Species: Angelica archangelica, Angelica gigas
Common Name: Angelica
Description: Biennial, which self seeds in my garden readily; A gigas has purplish coloured leaves, purple stems and a purple/red flower head; a very majestic looking plant, about 6-8 feet tall
Growing Conditions: grows well in rich moist well drained slightly acidic soil and prefers partial shade
Propagation: this plant dies after producing seed; seed is only viable for 6 months and if not planted right away in the fall, the seed needs to be stratified (cold treatment in the fridge) for 6--8 weeks and planted outside when the soil is warm or inside making sure to transplant when the plants are small as they have a long taproot; also propagated from root divisions
Parts used: roots, leaves, seeds
Harvest: dig the roots during the spring or fall of the second year; harvest leaves in the fall of the first year; this plant resembles water hemlock which is a very poisonous plant so be extremely careful when wildcrafting
Preparation: fresh roots are poisonous but drying eliminates the problem; The roots can be used as a vegetable steamed or the leaves can be used in soups or salads and infusions. Personally I don't use this herb and leave it in the garden. to be admired.

Medicinal Uses:

Can be used for arthritis, as a digestive aid, and for respiratory ailments. I donŐt have any experience with using this herb medicinally and will leave it to others who use angelica to give specific recipes for medicinal uses.