Family name: Labitaeae
Genus and Species: Agastache foeniculum
Common Name: Anise Hyssop, Giant Hyssop
Description : Perennial with flowers of purple or white A. "Snow Sprite"
Growing Conditions: prefers well drained soil in sun
Propagation: by seed in spring. division in spring, or softwood cuttings in summer
Parts used: leaves, flowers
Harvest: leaves are collected in spring and summer and flowers insummer
Preparation: fresh or dried leaves and flowers for teas; I use anise hyssop in tea blends - with mints or with other licorice tasting herbs such as anise, licorice, and fennel seed. One anise hyssop flower in a pot of tea gives a wonderful taste.

Medicinal Uses:

Traditionally anise hyssop has been used for coughs.