Family name: Labiatae
Genus and Species: Monarda didyma, M. citrioda (lemon bergamot) - other varieties which I don't have growing in my garden
Common Name: Bee Balm. Oswega Tea, Bergamot
Lifespan: Perennial
Growing Conditions: prefers rich moist soil in sun
Propagation: by seed in spring, or by division or softwood cuttings in spring
Parts used: leaves and flowers
Harvest: when flowering
Preparation: used fresh or dried for infusions; salads, teas

Medicinal Uses:

I use bee balm in tea blends and it has a mild action on the digestive system

Lemon Bergamot

"Blue Stocking" Bee Balm Flower

Mexican Bee Balm (Monarda astromontana)