Family name: Compositae
Genus and Species: Calendula offianalis
Common Name: Calendula, Pot Marigold
Description: Bright orange or yellow flowers
Growing Conditions: well drained soil in full sun; remove spent blossoms to prolong flowering
Propagation: by seed sown in place in spring or fall
Parts used: flowers
Harvest: flowers are picked in dry conditions and stripped of petals
Preparation: used in infusions, tinctures, infused oils, culinary purposes

Medicinal Uses:

I use calendula in infused oils and in tea blends.
Calendula has many many uses some of which are:
antiobiotic salve, increase blood circulation, burns, chicken pox rashes, ulcers, earaches, eczema, fungus, garden insect repellent, inflammatin, paper cuts, varicose veins.
I use calendula in tea blends or tinctures for breast lymph health, and in infused oils for salves