Family name: Zinzerberaceae
Genus and Species: Elletteria cardamomum
Common Name: Cardamom
Description: one of the oldest spices in the world
Growing Conditions: Tender Perennial; Grows in rich moist well drained soil in partial shade with a minium temperature of 64 degrees F. I grow mine in a sunroom attached to the house along with many other tender perennials.
Propagation: by seed sown in autumn or by division in spring or summer
Parts used: seeds, oil
Harvest: fruits are collected during the dry season and dried whole
Preparation: Seeds are removed

Medicinal Uses:

internally for indigestion, nausea and vomiting.
I use cardamom in a decoction with other barks, seeds and roots (including chicory and burdock root) and use this as a coffee substitute.