Paul Bergner: The Healing Power of ... series
      Garlic; Ginseng & the tonic herbs; Echinacea & Goldenseal
Lesley Bremness: The Complete Book of Herbs; Fragrant Herbal; Eyewitness Herbs
Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses : Deni Bown
Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants: Andrew Chevallier
Herb Garden Design: Ethne Clarke
Encyclopedia of Herbs and Spices: A. Cleveley, K. Richmond, S. Morris, L. Mackley
The Herbal Menopause Book by Amanda McQuade Crawford
Herbs: Partners in Life by Adele G. Dawson
The Green Pharmacy: James Duke
Herbal Emissaries by Steven Foster
The Yoga of Herbs: Dr. David Frawley & Dr. Vasant Lad
Stalking the Healthful Herbs: Euell Gibbons
Rosemary Gladstar: Herbal Healing for Women
Maude Grieve: A Modern Herbal
Mother Nature's Herbal: Judy Griffin
Asian Health Secrets: Letha Hadady
David Hoffmann: The Illustrated Holistic Herbal; An Elders' Herbal; Stress Relief
Herbs An Illustrated Encyclopedia: Kathi Keville
Ayurveda - The Science of Self Healing" Dr. Vasant Lad
The Harrowsmith Illustrated Book of Herbs by Patrick Lima
John Lust: The Herb Book
The Herbal Tea Garden: Marietta Marshall Marcin
Michael Moore: Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West
Herbs for the Home: Jekka McVicar
At Home with Herbs: Jane Newdick
The Herbal Medicine Cabinet: Debra Nuzzi
Penelope Ody: The Complete Medicinal Herbal; Home Herbal; Healing with Herbs
Nutritional Herbology: Mark Pederson
Plants of Coastal British Columbia: Pojar and Mackinnon
Jeanne Rose: Jeanne Rose's Modern Herbal;The Aromatherapy Book ;The Herbal Body Book; Kitchen Cosmetics; Herbs & Things
Herbal Treasures; Pleasure of Herbs: Phyllis Shaudys
Books and many booklets: Adelma Grenier Simmons
Medicinal Herbs in the Garden, Field and Marketplace: Lee Sturdivant & Tim Blakley
Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden: Rob Talbot & Robin Whiteman
The Family Herbal: Barbara and Peter Theiss
Michael Tierra: Planetary Herbology: Michael Tierra: The Way of Herbs; (and Chinese)
Herbs; Cooking with Herbs; Gardening with Herbs; Herbal Pantry: Emilie Tolley
Health through God's Pharmacy & Health from God's Garden: Maria Treben
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Worwood
Susun S. Weed: Wise Woman Menopausal Years

Favorite Magazines

The Herb Companion
Herbs for Health
The Herb Quarterly