My, you are a serious gardener. I really admire the way you have organized all flowers, trees, and vegetables. Such design shows a lot or creativity and hard work. I'll bet you eat well. I wish you well.
Teman <tjohnson@elite.net>
Merced, CA USA -
I just am very impressed with your site! I have included it in my links page for personal gardening websites, and wanted to let you know! Feel free to drop by my place anytime! --Marilyn
Marilyn Burns
Truly impressive, site and garden both! So far I've only got the site part, but we will soon be moving so I can begin my garden. Your herbal garden and site is a true inspiration, and I will be back when it's time for growing my own. Line
Line <linen@stud.ntnu.no>
Trondheim, Norway -
You have such beautiful gardens. I loved looking at the pictures.
Melissa <wootenxx@hotmail.com>
Laurel, MS USA -
Joan, I love visiting your site, I can only hope that someday my gardens will look a little like yours (since I live in the middle of a desert), thank you for all the information you have on herbs and organic gardening. See you on HHI. glo--who learns so much with each visit.
A truly lovely site. Great photos of clematis and roses.
Toronto, ON Canada -
A friend asked me to identify a flowering vine we saw this morning. Your photos of clematis (General Sikorski) pinpointed it so quickly I couldn't believe it only took 2 min. of research on my part! Beautiful pics - I spent a few more moments and will be back.
Karen Quintana Smith
Dublin, OH USA -
I dropped in to visit. You have a great home here and I would like to extend to you an invitation to join a group that I belong to that might be of interest to you. It is Heavens Angels and they have a Gardening Cloud that I know you would love! You can just click on the card below and it will take you there! We hope you decide to join us there!!
Angel StarzNSky <AngelStarzNSky@hotmail.com>
I knew it was going to be a special visit when I saw that awesome photo on your front page! I have been organic gardening for about ten years now and find it very rewarding. I would be honored if you would consider adding your site to our webring, The Along The Garden Path Sitering. Please stop by and have a look around, we would be glad to have you! --Marilyn
I *love* your site! 250 herbs? What a dream! I don't think they'd all fit on my deck. In fact, I know they wouldn't. I have a serious case of garden envy. :-) Come visit my site.
Laura <lazy@laurasbooks.com>
CA -
What are those wonderful bush like flowers (blue in color) that you have in your garden picture. So pretty. What a wonderful web site, I enjoyed my visit very much.
Happy gardening this summer!
Netherlands -
I loved your site. I can't decide which I enjoyed more - the garden photos or the pups! Thanks for sharing your lovely life.
Sara Henderson <sara@bit-of-everything.com>
Des Moines, IA USA -
I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your flower photos. I especially liked the lilacs and peonies. Also I loved your dog photos too. I had a great visit.
Leslie <boyd@bentonrea.com>
Grandview, WA USA -
how inspirational, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
tacoma, wa. -
This is beautiful exactly how I want my garden to look like! I'll bookmark this and come back often! Deb
Debbie <Ladyhawk@risecom.net>
Palestine, TX USA -
This is truly a lovely site! I would love to swap links with you! Candy
Candy <faile47@excite.com>
Sacramento, Ca USA -
What a lovely garden you have. And your dogs so cute. In someday I would like to go to your country.
Makiko <hiromaki@cello.ocn.ne.jp>
Gobo, Japan -
What a beautiful garden illustrated by a very professional website. I shall return often.
Pete <telaurens@aol.com>
Newbury, England -
This garden looks like it should be here in England. It is absolutely beautiful and is something to be proud of. Well done.
England -
A beautifull site. I will visit this site back very soon.
Vossaert <tuinsite@hotmail.com>

What an informative web site. I will be a regular from now on.Visit and sign my guestbook. Ferdinand
Dr.Ferdinand Ruzicka <fruzicka@utanet.at>
Engelhartstetten, N… Austria -
Wow, what an amazing looking garden.
James <jyoung6@hotmail.com>
Perth, WA Australia -
I am truly inspired! I will be visiting your site time and time again.
Terri <cbrk@mlecmn.net>
Aitkin, MN USA -
A beautifully designed site illustrating the the transformation of a large uncared for area into a wonderful haven. I shall return time and again for inspiration
Pete <telaurens@aol.com>
Newbury, England.UK -
I really enjoyed my visit and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our little group at The Garden center Webring. Stop on by and check it out when you get a chance.
Annie <gardencenterwebring@home.com>
Mays landing, NJ -
I'm looking to landscape our first house, and wandered into your garden. It is truly a beautiful place; you must get countless hours of enjoyment from being there. I only hope that I can achieve the same results. Thanks for the inspiration. (Loved the dog pictures too!)
Parkville, MD -
I had been visiting your garden very often. It is very beautiful. It gives me ideas. I wish to create one someday. I will visit your garden site again. Will you be putting up new pictures? I sure love to look at them.
RAJIMAH MD ALWI <rajimah@guthrie.com.my>
I enjoyed my visit of your beautiful garden. Your web site is an equal reflection of your great artistic and creative tallent. Should you have time please visit my garden and please list your URL in my guestbook so that even more gardeners can discover your beautiful work. Happy gardening. Jerry G.
Jerry Gryniewicz <jerry@impressionistgarden.com>
South Burlington, VT USA -
I loved your site! I am working on gardens, and have been very inspired by viewing the pictures on your website. I can only hope to do close to as wonderful a job! Thank you for sharing.
Roxann Phillips <earthelder@home.com>
Prairieville, LA USA -
Joan fantastic garden and website,cannot wait to see it in person old friend!!You are amazing and Michael you are to be praised for such a beautiful web-site. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, I have a passion for gardens as well but you have outdone yourself. Thanks for the journey..
Beverley Hull Roessel <roessel@fidgalgo.net>
Burlington, WA USA -
I really loved visiting your site. Great Job!! It has inspired and given me a few ideas. All things take time I guess but with the right planning and hard work I'll eventually get there myself. Congrats on a terrific site!!
Keilie Senechal <pumplizard@hotmail.com>
Beaverbank, NS Canada -
I love your garden. I have two black labs named Emma and Squire and I just love to grow roses and clematis. I think that my favorites are my explorer roses William Baffin and John Davis, and I have a double mauve clematis called Bell of Woking.. We share the love of Sweet Autumn, general Sikorski, and lots of others. I have about 20 roses and 20 clematis. So I am newcomer.. Thanks for the inspiration...
Dotti Still <Dotti_Still@yahoo.com>
Millbrook, NY USA -
Love your gardens! What a way to spend a day! I'd love to share seeds...if interested, contact me anytime. Keep up the great work. Happy Gardening! Patty
Patty <rphall@netnitco.net>
Hobart, IN USA -
What a beautiful garden. What you have created is something for me to aspire to.
M Bernhard
Seattle, WA USA -
You have a lovely garden and inspire me to create a haven like yours in my own backyard.
Susan Johnson <susan_joh@hotmail.com>
Creswick, Vic Australia -
What is left to say about your wonderfull garden. Your site and garden are an inspiration to all garden lovers. Dawn Tasmania. Australia
Dawn <dboyle@bigpond.com.au>
Aberdeen, Tas Australia -
You have created a lovely garden! Thoroughly enjoyed exploring it through your site.
I was amazed to see the before and after pictures of your garden. Just goes to show how a garden can beautify a home. Please pay my cyberhome a visit and sign the guest book.
Australia -
Thanks so much for the wonderful web site. And congratulatons to your whole family for their input. Really enjoyed the dog section. The golden on the first page looks just like my Sadie Sue did at that age.
Bill White <billwhite52@hotmail.com>
W.Pa. -
Thank you ever so much for the inspiration. I started a very small front of the house garden last year as therepy for my handicap and mind. After visiting your gardens, I can dream of achieving a small portion. Any advice for Zone 5 (with not too much physical difficulty) would be greatly appreciated. I planted a few perennials and filled the spaces with some annuals, in the fall I planted about 150 bulbs. Hope I will see some results to admire soon. After seeing your site I realize how very much love and hard work it takes. It certainly shows how much you have. Thank you once again.
Frema Luther <punky36@videotron.ca>
Laval (outside Montreal), Que Canada -
What a delightful web site. I have an herb garden that is pretty much running wild. You have given ideas on taming it thanks
Nicky Anderson <nicky@coastaccess.com>
Ocean Shores, WA U.S.A -
I really enjoyed your web site. I enjoy growing and finding the antique roses. If you have any leads, please contact me at my e-mail. Thank you. Kelly
Kelly McManus <cowcow41018@yahoo.com>
crittenden, KY U.S -
Wonderful site and garden, with a lot of work and love put into it. Yhank you for sharing this with us. Found your site through Henrietta«s Herbal list in Finland. Voted for you, of course, in the BC Top 100. Best wishes for a good garden season. LOL Birgir, Hveragerdi Iceland.
Birgir Thordarson <birgir@eyjar.is>
Hveragerdi, ICELAND -
You've inspired me. I stumbled across your site as I prepare myself for the overwhelming task of turning my side yard into an Herb Garden. Thanks for the great before/after shots.
Philadelphia, PA USA -
This is one of the most brilliant web sites I have ever seen! And what a lovely garden. I would like to add your page to my "links" in my "Fr¿ydis and Einars Magical Garden" next time I update my site. Keep on the good job!
Fr¿ydis Uggedal <freinar@frisurf.no>
lesund, Norway -
you have a very nice site
Laura <lpoore@leru.net>
stella, mo usa -
Your site is very impressive, I truly enjoyed myself here.
Kathy Stephens <IvoryroseCattery@aol.com>
Florence, Al. USA -
Beautiful Page! Completely inspiring. Your gardens are so beautiful. Love the puppies!
Danica Huser <danicv@hotmail.com>
Flueh, SO Switzerland -
Your garden is a wonderful way to brighten up a February day. Your gardens are inspiring. I enjoyed your sight. Thank you.
Cindy Olson <ocrock1@aol.com>
Mission, B.C. Canada -
Wow! Nice page! Nice garden!
Craig <maquis@softcom.net>
Reno, NV USA -
Great site!!!I dont have a garden yet, but your site has given me the inspiration to at least start a decent flower bed!(We live in a duplex,we can't do much without lanlord having kniption)Very nice site!
Steve <oktoberain@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, NC USA -
What a great site! I really enjoyed my visit!
The Netherlands -
Enjoyed your site. I loved your floral photographs. They are wonderful
Leslie <boyd@bentonrea.com>
WA United States -
I was impressed by the before/after photos... a lot of work went into your lovely gardens! You have provided me with many great ideas and inspiration for use in my own yard. Thank you!
Jodi <jodi@rodehawg.com>
Visited your lovely site today and admired your beautiful garden.
What a beautiful web site!! very well done and visually stunning! Breyd <hhurst@proaxis.com>
Or U.S.A -
Hello there, This is one of the most interesting herby website I have visited so far. You have got beautiful photographs of herbs which are visually so appealing. Amanda
Amanda <blueal0e@yahoo.com>
Singapore, Singapore -
I'm glad I took the "thyme" to come back and visit your website ! It is very inspiring and your photographs are lovely! Thank you for a pleasured visit this cold November day in Northeastern Ontario! "if you would have a mind at peace, a heart that cannot harden, go find a door that opens wide upon a lovely garden. Claudia Sutton Forget-me-Not Herbs 'n Wildflowers/Healing Scents Oxford Mills, Ontario http://www.achilles.net/forgetmenot/
Claudia Sutton <forgetmenot@achilles.net>
Oxford Mills, ON Canada -
This is the best site i have ever had the pleasure to see. You have done a excellent job here. I would love to be able to make a site this good (c: Your friend Smitty
Smitty list owner at wildcrafting <gardensmith@juno.com>
Yalesville, CT U.S.A. -
Beautyful Website and phantastic photos
Matthias Hiller <matthias.hiller@web.de>
Torgau, DE Germany -
As a fellow gardener, I applaud the two of you for your love and devotion you have for gardening, your dogs, the birds, butterflies....truly an inspiration to all of us who love beautiful objects - I know how hard you worked to achieve this work of art- THANKS!!!!ko
What a fantastic web site...and your garden and landscaping..I was positively drooling as I looked at the pictures. Your garden is every gardeners dream come true.
Lionaire <lion1@rconnect.com>
St James, MN USA -
Great website!! I can tell you have spent alot of time gardening, photographing, and setting up this website. We've done the same thing with our garden!! The time was well spent in your case. An interesting website and wonderful garden. Come visit my site.
Van <cloudsend@mail.com>
Baton Rouge, LA USA -
I Have loved every minute searching your site on all of the amazing gardening ideas. I am 25 and a lover of plants and their natural beauty and hope that my garden will look like yours someday. I have one year invested into my garden and can't wait until next spring when my flowers bloom again. I will be creating my own garden web site and will send you my URL address when it is up and running. Again thank you for your great site and dedication to gardening for us novice gardeners.
Dony Carrier <vb@nbnet.nb.ca>
Belledune, New Brunswick Canada -
Dynamite site! Besides being able to visually share the fruits of your labors, you have provided a blueprint on how to fully integrate all the components of a one-acre paradise. I will study and enjoy over and over. Thank you!
lynn coman <lynncoman@yahoo.com>
Charlotte, NC USA -
Your garden is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing it's beauty.
An amazing garden, the colours and variety of plants you have is great. I really liked your structures section. Keep up the good work. A garden makes your day feel good. Regards Jas W Australia. 3 days and counting to Olympics. Aussie! Aussie!
Jason <htruth@q-net.net.au>
Perth, Wwa Australia -
Breathtaking garden! Thank you for sharing it. Success is a journey, and nothing teaches this more than gardening. You have helped me to be more patient in my own gardening efforts; results like yours don't happen overnight.
W. Crow
I love your website! The left side index & mouse overs are really good. Your layout & organization makes everything easy to get to. This is great; makes exploring fun & easy. Your Garden: Fantasic. I can see how you love your garden. Thanks for sharing the beauty you have created. Happy Gardening...Mary's Place-Take Time to Smell the Roses.
Mary....Mary's Place
Lovely site. Appreciate the effort
Stewart <samit@vcn.bc.ca>
Vancouver, BC Canada -
Many thanks for sharing your garden and dogs with us. You are to be commended. Obviously, you have put a lot of time, thought, and love into these gardens and they certainly are appreciated by all that see them. To see pictures of your garden and then your dogs was an added bonus. I raise and show toy poodles and spend the rest of my time in the garden. Two great joys in my life. Thanks again!
Barbara & Poodles <pittlerb@yahoo.com>
Lockport, NY USA -
Great site! I spent more time here than most sites. Love all the things climing around the place, especially the Sweet Autumn Clematis. Would love to have a peek at the Landscaping page, but access was denied. Hope this is temporary.
Mary <mmsea@earthlink.net>
Seattle, WA USA -
This site is beautiful! I really enjoyed it.Thank you. (Sorry,my web site is japanese version.)
Ciel <yuliciel@netscape.net>
Chiba, Japan -
Beautiful! Time well spent. I see it takes time and patience to embark on an adventure like this. I am learning so much from garden lovers like yourself, thank you.
Rebekah <reba_grace@hotmail.com>
Lamar, CO USA -
Your site is wonderful - so much to see and read. Wonderful pictures of your gardens. I am just getting into growing herbs in my garden. Thanks for sharing a wealth of information.
Linda <murlin_g@yahoo.ca>
Belleville, ON Canada -
Hi Joan, great website, as I said before, I am really impressed. Love the roses, dogs and your herb garden.
Betty Foulds <elbet@direct.ca>
Langley, B.C. Canada -
I browsed through your website and I liked it very much, I found that growing a herb garden is not all that difficult. I'll be starting mine soon enough. Thank you for the information and I'll put your website in my favorite folder to view again. Thanks. tg@webtv.net
Thelma Greenbaum <tg@webtv.net>
Bethlehem, Pa USA -
Great website and fantastic photos
Tanya Campbell <tanyacampbell@hotmail.com>
Engalnd -
I very rarely, if ever, sign a guest book. However, I was very impressed with your site. I hope to use it to answer many questions.
Sofia Birden <sofiab@powerlink.net>
Livermore, ME USA -
I had to come in and sign your guestbook right away, before I even began to look at the content of your site. Such a great first impression , very elegant and cleancut .
Debbie <rixshaw@seark.net>
Pure fulfillment.My escape from a big,white desert.Dreaming and planning for a hoped for life in the Fraser Valley.I am already making lists of flowers,roses, trees.Oneday soon. Thank you for the privelege!
Sharon-Lee McNaughton <design_synergy@hotmail.com>
Dubai, United Arab Emirates -
A superb idea, and nicely done. Something else for me to do after I retire!
Sarah Jett <billsallyj@cs.com>
Bloomfield, CT USA -

I like Cottage Gardens, and it was very nice to visit your lovely web-site. Well organized and nice pictures Randi E
Randi E <raeidsvi@broadpark.no>
Trondheim, Norway -